Reasons You Should Buy Vinyl Fabric by the Yard

When buying vinyl fabric by the yard online, make sure you’ve got enough fabric for your project, but not so much that you’ve got a big pile left over. Break out your yardstick and measure the area you want to cover or upholster. Do the math and buy the right amount for yourself. Here are just a few reasons you should buy vinyl fabric by the yard.

Save Money

If you buy a whole bolt of vinyl fabric to reupholster a single chair, you’re going to have a lot of vinyl left over. Instead of shelling out for a big pile of vinyl, measure your project carefully and only buy the yardage you need. You’ll save a bundle by buying only what you’ll use.

Get Creative

When you buy vinyl fabric by the yard, you free yourself up to mix and match colors and styles. Four yards of a jewel tone and two yards of a light neutral open you up to more possibilities than six yards of a single color. You don’t need a whole bolt of each shade you’re using. Avoid a rainbow’s worth of leftovers by buying limited yardage of your favorite vinyl fabrics.

Do Smaller Projects

Vinyl fabric isn’t just for upholstering couches! There are plenty of smaller items you can make with sturdy vinyl. Diaper bags, totes, and makeup pouches are all perfect projects to stitch with vinyl—and when you buy by the yard, you can get just the right amount. Expand your creative horizons and use vinyl fabric as an art supply.

As you browse the wide selection of vinyl styles and colors offered by All Vinyl Fabrics, think about your project and what it requires. Some materials are best bought in bulk, but vinyl may not be one of them. Be prudent as you fill your shopping cart and remain focused on your end product. These are three key reasons you should buy vinyl fabric by the yard; as you work on your project, you’ll thank yourself for buying only what you need.

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