How to Decorate Your Kitchen in a Retro-Diner Style

Who wouldn’t want to feel transported back to the 1950s? Things were much simpler back then. There were no apps that had us constantly glued to our phones, and people lived in the moment. If you’re obsessed with everything vintage, you should think about integrating classic features into your home’s design. Follow this guide on how to decorate your kitchen in a retro-diner style if you want your house to stand out from traditional cookie-cutter homes on the block.

It Starts With The Booth

Your kitchen will never feel like an authentic diner without restaurant-style booths, so try to implement booth seating in the retro kitchen of your dreams. A booth would fit great tucked away against a window. Remember to use bright colors while upholstering the cushions. Diners in the 1950s were known for their bright colors and outrageous designs. If you want to stay true to the style, purchase vinyl by the yard from All Vinyl Fabrics. We have tons of durable materials that’ll withstand a little wear and tear, so you can have peace of mind knowing the fabric won’t rip, no matter how many guests you have over.

Flooring and Walls

Again, 1950s diners were all about brightness, so don’t shy away from a little color if you really want to drive home the retro theme. Splash some pink paint on the walls that’ll catch people’s attention when they enter the room. You should also consider installing an interesting floor. Checkered black and white tiles are also a staple of the retro look—guests will feel like they’ve stepped into a time machine the moment they see it.

Vintage Knick-Knacks

No retro kitchen is complete without era-inspired merchandise, so consider doing some kitchen design thrift shopping during the construction process. Classic rock-and-roll posters will make the room stand out. Also, why not invest in an authentic ‘50s jukebox? Everyone will love playing classic jams as they eat delicious meals. Remember to have fun with whatever design features you choose. The space will look fantastic if it represents your personality.

This guide on how to decorate your kitchen in a retro-diner style will help you achieve your dream vintage look. Guests will be envious of your creativity, and you may even start a design trend on your block. Let All Vinyl Fabrics help you on this journey. We have top-of-the-line vinyl by the yard that’s durable and stylish so that your 50s-inspired booth can look great and get a little messy.

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