How to Remove Pink Stains from Vinyl Fabric

No captain wants their passengers to be uncomfortable while they’re cruising along the sea. One way to make sure everyone has the best boating experience possible is to keep the ship nice and clean. Yet, sometimes, this task can be rather challenging. If you notice strange pink spots on your marine vessel, read this guide on how to remove pink stains from vinyl fabric. Your boat will look brand new before you know it.

What Causes Pink Stains on Vinyl Fabric?

Most boat owners probably don’t know where these pink stains come from. The stains are created by a strain of bacterium called Streptoverticillium Reticulum. This bacterium is harmless to humans, yet, it does create unwanted stains on boats. Before a discussion of removal can begin, it’s important to note that boat owners can take preventative measures to stop this from happening. For starters, captains should clean off their ship’s upholstery after every cruise. This bacterium needs water, warmth, and food to survive. The more frequently you clean your marine vessel, the better. It may also be wise to replace your marine-grade vinyl every so often. Not only will this reupholstery be a design upgrade but changing things up will also prevent pink stains from popping up.

The Removal Process

If you fail to take preventative steps against pinking, these stains will likely appear. Luckily, there are some things you can do to remove the pink stains from your ship’s fabric. There are several commercial solutions on the market that help get rid of this bacterium. However, you’ll also need a type of heating-light to help you in the process. Boat owners should apply the chemical remover to the stained area while holding the light over it. Continue this process for several days, and the stains should fade. There’s a chance that the spots may never completely vanish. That’s why preventative actions are the best solution to this problem.

Follow these tips on how to remove pink stains from vinyl fabric if your boat looks discolored. While this bacterium is nonhazardous to skin, the stains are rather unattractive. Be proactive and clean your marine vessel after every use. This bacterium needs warmth, water, and food to survive. So, please, disinfectant your boat so that it looks sparkling for years to come. Should you ever decide to reupholster, browse our vast selection of materials at All Vinyl Fabrics. We have tons of marine-grade vinyl that’ll give your ship the facelift it needs.

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