3 Tips for Designing an Outdoor Dining Space

There’s nothing like enjoying a delicious meal outside. Getting some fresh air and experiencing what Mother Nature has to offer is so relaxing. Restaurants can increase their revenues dramatically by incorporating outdoor spaces in their venues. However, you must keep some things in mind when you’re designing the space. These three tips for designing an outdoor dining space will attract more customers to your restaurant. Soon, you’ll have lines out the door.

Keep Durability in Mind

The most crucial tip for designing an outdoor dining space is to keep durability in mind. You need to make sure every material you choose can withstand the elements. For example, using cotton cushions on your chairs wouldn’t be very wise. Instead, you should upholster your seating with outdoor vinyl fabric. This material is extremely tough, so the elements won’t wear it out. Make sure the types of chairs and seating you choose are heavy enough that they won’t blow over if it’s windy outside. Finally, color is a critical component, too. Try to avoid darker fabrics and furniture, as they’ll act as magnets for the sun during the summer.

Shading is Key

Shading is an essential aspect of an outdoor dining space. If you don’t have proper shading, no one will be able to eat comfortably outside. Nothing is worse than roasting outside while you’re trying to enjoy a nice meal, so make sure every table has a sunbrella on it to shade patrons from the hot rays of the sun. Shading will also come in handy during the chillier months. Sunbrellas and awnings can help protect your furniture from hazardous weather conditions such as snow or freezing rain.

Add a Touch of Creativity

You must be creative when you’re designing your outdoor dining space. Since the area is outdoors, lots of people will see it as they walk by, so the area should look as appealing as possible. Hang string lights to catch people’s eyes, and use bright fabric for the upholstery to make a statement. Finally, play music softly in the background to get people in good spirits.

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