2019 Boating Trends to Keep an Eye Out For

With boating becoming more and more popular each year, there will always be new trends hitting the scene. In fact, 2019 is shaping up to be an especially strong year. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) expects there to be a 3-4% increase in powerboat retail sales compared to previous years. From a rise in tech to different types of upholstery, here are some 2019 boating trends to keep an eye out for.

Constant GPS tracking

GPS is essentially synonymous with cars nowadays, and that will shortly be true for boats as well. While you can pull up your phone and get nearly anywhere by road, boats will be heading in the same direction. Soon, manufacturers will implement Automatic Identification Systems in a wide range of boats. This will allow boaters to feel much safer on the water, as well as alleviate many concerns if a boat were to become stolen.

Different types of vinyl

Vinyl’s popularity is on the rise, especially when it comes to boating upholstery. Easy to clean and offering a sleek, modern look, it’s no surprise that marine vinyl is so popular. Pleated marine vinyl, in particular, is a huge 2019 boating trend. Its unique pattern adds that extra touch of customization, making the interior of any boat stand out even more.

Back-up cameras

Just like GPS, back-up cameras are an absolute must in any car. The same will soon be true for boats. Known as docking cameras, these will allow you to dock your boat with ease, no matter the size. For pontoons with obstructed views or any boat that’s hard to navigate, this boating trend will save boaters a lot of frustration.

Boat covers

With all the threats the sun can pose, boat covers are becoming increasingly popular. Boat designers understand the importance of shade when you’re out on the water. As such, covers now come standard and many boaters have them custom-made with retractable awnings to protect their investments.

While boating trends may shift from year to year, at the end of the day, quality and durability are what truly matters. If you take great care of your boat, it’ll always be a stand out on or off the water.

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