Our Guide to Restaurant Booth Upholstery Standards

Research shows that a lack of booth seating in a restaurant can result in a loss of revenue. That is because booths are usually the preferred seating option that guests request. Choosing the right kind for your café or restaurant can be a difficult decision.  

With so many available sizes and upholstery choices, it can be a little overwhelming. Here’s a guide that can help you buy the right vinyl fabric for your business.  

Seating Options Means Better Guest Experience 

You can choose from several occupancy options like single, double, wall bench, ½ circle, and ¾ circle. Each of these offer a unique experience. Single booths, short wall benches, and ½ circles are perfect options for couples who want to have an intimate conversation. On the other hand, double booths, long wall benches, and ¾ circles are the great for big groups that want to have a cohesive seating gathering.  

The Right Layout Means More Business 

The way your seats are arranged has a great impact on your guests’ dining experience. When designing your floorplan, be sure to factor in the sizes of your tables to get the correct measurement.  For a standard arrangement, all the table edges should align vertically with the outer edge of the booth seat. Knowing these measurements helps you maximize on the number of guests you can seat and serve, resulting in more revenue.  

More Seating Means More Revenue   

Booths are perfect for any bar or restaurant for a number of reasons. For starters, they provide guests with privacy and comfort during date nights. It also creates less traffic with fewer servers and guests walking around all sides of the table. With a variety of styles, colors, and designs, they also add a touch of flair in your front-of-house.  

Booths can be a hefty investment, but they are the most cost- and space-efficient options in the long run. For example, a four-person table can exceed 5,000 square inches, as compared to a four-person booth that comes in at 3,000 square inches.  

In this situation, you’ll see 30% more revenue and seat more customers on your busiest nights. Plus, it saves you floor space for more booths to be added. You may be paying more upfront, but the added revenue will make the investment worth it. 

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