Tips for Boating With Your Kids

In a few months, summer will be here again. Families will be spending time outside, and if they’re lucky enough, they’ll be cruising the open sea on their boat. However, boating as a family takes a lot of preparation. Here are some tips for boating with your kids that you should follow if you’re overwhelmed by the process.

Reupholster Beforehand

You must reupholster your boat before you take the kids out to sea. Clear vinyl fabric is incredibly durable and will withstand anything the kiddos throw at it. Follow these tips while reupholstering to make things a little easier on yourself:

  • Do one section at a time instead of pulling up all the fabric at once.
  • Work with a team so one person can lay the fabric down flat to avoid bumps.
  • Get the right tools, like a nail and staple gun, before you take on the task.

Bring Snacks

Another tip for boating with your kids is to bring snacks. Unlike going on a road trip, you’ll have minimal opportunity to stop for food while you’re on the open sea. For this very reason, you must pack healthy snacks for when people get hungry. Don’t pack anything too heavy that might make them sick while they’re swimming. Instead, keep things light so their tummies feel good all afternoon long.

Safety Matters

Yes, you should prioritize your own safety whenever you go boating. However, safety is even more important when children are involved. Make sure that there are plenty of lifejackets on board for when the kids want to go out. Also, be sure to have a first aid kit on hand in case an accident occurs. The old saying is true: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Pro Tip: Consider enrolling your kids in swim lessons before the next boating season begins. The more trained they are beforehand, the better everyone will feel before the first summer cruise.

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