Tips for Reupholstering Vinyl Bar Stools

Everyone has more time on their hands this year. Since folks are spending more time at home, now is the perfect opportunity to do some projects around the house. For example, people can give their home bars a facelift by updating their stools. Here are some must-know tips for reupholstering vinyl bar stools that everyone should know.

Get the Right Supplies

There are certain items that people need to reupholster bar stools. For starters, homeowners ought to purchase vinyl fabric by the yard so that they never run out during the project. Luckily, All Vinyl Fabrics has many interesting materials for folks to choose from. Once someone has a type of fabric they adore, they should get their tools in order. Individuals should have the following tools by their side before they begin reupholstering:

  • Nail gun
  • Staple gun
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors

Remove Existing Fabric

After a person secures the items they need, they should remove the existing fabric from the chairs. People can do this by flipping the stool upside down so that the bottom of it is exposed. Then, DIYers can use a screwdriver and hammer to remove nails and staples. Once everything is loosened up, they can remove the old vinyl fabric.

Measurements & Application

When the stool is bare, the person can begin applying the new fabric. However, people must measure how much material they need before they begin—this step will minimize waste. Once someone’s sure they’ve cut the right amount, then the real fun can start. Folks should place the fabric under the cushion of the stool. Next, they can pull the corners and use a nail or staple gun to secure the fabric around the edge. This process should be repeated until the entire seat is covered.

DIYers should follow these tips for reupholstering vinyl bar stools if they want to freshen up their home’s design. All Vinyl Fabric has tons of stylish and durable fabric for people to choose from. Our fabrics will add interesting detail to any room’s look, and individuals will have a blast doing the project. Perhaps sports fans can even have a socially distant football watch party once the job is done.

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