What To Look for in Marine Vinyl Fabric

Folks should feel at ease when they’re cruising along the water. Yet, this goal is unattainable when their boat is in rough shape. Any boat owner who wants to give their marine vessel a facelift ought to replace the upholstery. This piece will explain what to look for in marine vinyl fabric for individuals who need a little assistance while shopping.

UV Protection

Boaters must keep UV protection in mind while shopping for marine vinyl fabric. Ships are typically in the sun all day long; thus, it’d be helpful for individuals to inquire about UV protection to ensure that the cloth doesn’t fade too quickly. Most manufacturers use a chemical additive on the upholstery to prevent this from happening. Captains should keep in mind, though, that the sun will eventually cause damage. That’s why storage and proper coverage are crucial, so the marine vessel stays looking fresh for longer.


Everyone wants their ship to stay in excellent condition. Durable textile plays an important part in this goal. Thus, owners should ask about a cloth’s strength before purchasing anything. There are different tests that companies can perform to ensure their products withstand a little wear and tear. Customers ought to do their research and ask about things like the Wyzenbeek and Martindale test while speaking to an expert. Essentially, in both of these processes, workers rub the cloth against a rougher material to ensure nothing rips. Folks can have peace of mind knowing manufacturers took these steps.


Another thing to look for in marine vinyl fabric is safety. Boats are prone to things like mildew and fungus because they’re constantly exposed to moisture. Manufacturers apply certain chemicals to upholstery to prevent this from happening. Owners should make sure that every chemical applied to the material is safe and won’t damage the skin. Another thing people should inquire about is if the fabric is flame resistant. Companies are required to follow specific flammability laws, so those looking for new material ought to hold businesses accountable.


New marine vinyl fabric is one way captains can add a pop of color to their ships. All Vinyl Fabrics has tons of material that’s available in many different colors. Doing a little boat reupholstery will make the marine vessel feel brand new and every passenger will be impressed. This DIY project may also increase the ship’s value. Anyone who wants to take on the project should purchase marine vinyl fabric wholesale from All Vinyl Fabrics today. Our team has everything folks need to get the job done.

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