What to Do After Taking Your Boat Out of Storage

Winter is brutal. The season is especially long and groggy for boat owners who can’t wait to hit the open water in their ships. However, it’s important not to move so quickly. You must take careful measures when you remove your boat from winter storage. If you do things incorrectly, it could ruin the entire upcoming season. So please, read this guide on what to do after taking your boat out of storage. Soon, you’ll cruise along the bright blue waves again.

Deep Clean the Exterior

Deep cleaning the exterior is one of the first things you should do after taking your boat out of storage. Your marine vessel will surely collect some dust while it’s put away for the winter. So, you must completely scrub it the minute you remove it from storage. Make sure you purchase the best cleaning products on the market. Ask the experts, and only buy products that won’t tarnish your boat’s paint or finish. You must eliminate all the dust, salt, and debris that’s accumulated on your marine vessel while it was tucked away. You’ll feel more confident once your ship is shining bright.

Upgrade the Interior

After you’ve scrubbed your boat’s exterior, check out the interior. Start by clearing out everything inside. Toss out all the junk you kept in your ship over the winter. Once everything’s cleared out, you’ll have a clearer picture of how things look. Then, you can start thinking about what spring upgrades you want to make to your ship. The awkward lull between winter and spring is the perfect time to do some boat reupholstering. Give your boat a facelift by implementing some fresh and bold colors into the seating. Here at All Vinyl Fabrics, we want to help you with all your boat reupholstering needs. We’ll ensure your ship looks brand-new before you hit the water this spring.

Do a Routine Maintenance Check

It’s so vital to do a maintenance check the minute you remove your boat from storage. You should never just take your ship out of storage and hope for the best. You must make sure everything’s running properly before you take it out on the water. Check the engine and ensure your marine vessel turns on without any issues. Also, inspect the fuel lines to make sure nothing froze over or broke while the boat was tucked away. Always check that everything’s okay before you take your ship out to sea so you don’t end up stranded shortly after.

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