The Best Marine Vinyl Seating for You

Are you tired of all the cracks and holes in your boat seating? It might be time to replace the worn surfaces with new marine vinyl fabric.  Choosing the right seating for your boat can be a tough decision, but it doesn’t have to be! The four major points to consider include the material, its use, the weight, and topical treatment.  

Read on to learn more about which seating is right for you. 


The first question to ask is, “What materials make up the fabric?” Most vinyl is made of either polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PU is usually more expensive than PVC and looks similar to leather. If you like a cooler seat, PU adapts to body heat better. However, it is not as resilient as PVC, so it can puddle after people put weight on it over time.  


Another important consideration is where you’re going to be using this fabric. Is it going to be used on the interior or exterior? Knowing the answer can narrow down your choices.  

Vinyl fabrics for interior use mimic leather in texture and appearance. This gives them a soft, luxurious feel, but without the cost or properties of genuine leather. Exterior-vinyl fabrics are designed for all-weather protection.  


Keep in mind that the heavier the vinyl, the greater its thickness and durability.  Heavier vinyl is more expensive because it is able to withstand harsh environments, inclement weather, and abrasions. Note that thicker fabric can be harder to sew, so find a balance between durability and ease of fabrication.  

Topical Treatment 

Check to see if the fabric you purchase already has a topical treatment applied. This application can make your investment last longer since it blocks bacterial and fungal microorganisms. Keep your fabric looking and performing at its best for years to come.  

Whether you have a yacht, sailboat, or cruise ship, your upholstery will be exposed to harsh marine environments and UV rays. Better protect your material years after purchase by investing in cleaners specifically formulated for marine vinyl fabric. If you apply bleach, cheap topical treatments, or chemicals not suited for this type of fabric, the protective coating will be useless after a few hours, or worse, ruin the material.  

When you’re ready to start looking for a new fabric, you can find everything you need with All Vinyl Fabrics. We offer a variety of boat upholstery products to spruce up the outer shell of your boat or fabrics to renovate your interior. We provide everyday discounted pricing with fast and convenient service. Contact us or call us at 877-618-4695 to speak with a specialist who can help you choose the best fabric for your new seats.  

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