Why You Should Buy from a Vinyl Fabric Store

vinyl fabric | boatA common mistake when upholstering or reupholstering vinyl fabrics is buying from a general fabric seller. They certainly have a vast selection of types of fabrics and expansive shelves, but you need the right type of vinyl fabric, not a multitude of irrelevant options.

Shopping at a store that specializes in vinyl fabric will provide you with numerous advantages in getting the right material for your job. An experienced associate will be able to help you decide the type, version, and style of vinyl that best fits your needs. Here’s why you should go to a vinyl-specific shop rather than a big-box retail store.

Browse a Variety of Vinyl Options

Standard vinyl is produced in a few different ways that have various uses. An expert can walk you through the store to explain the different options and application of each. The three variations are non-backed, non-expanded, and expanded.

Non-backed material is generally used for areas with less wear and tear, such as automobile trim. Non-expanded vinyl is great for a space that is scarcely used. This is the material you see in table cloths, stools, and tarps. Its light backing makes it easier to store and transport. Finally, expanded vinyl is the most frequently used, default vinyl for any job. This type of fabric is used for projects that are going to experience extreme exposure. Two common examples of this fabric’s usage are in commercial and marine projects.

Get Access to Vinyl Specialists

While sorting through all the different options, it can be difficult to tell which vinyl is best for your needs. At a vinyl specialty store, they have a deep understanding of vinyl’s uses, rather than fabric in general.

For example, while most vinyl is fairly water resistant, marine vinyl option is the most resilient and is available for surfaces with excessive exposure to water. Alternatively, for a sun-room, you may desire a softer, more comfortable fabric that is resistant to sun damage.

You may find yourself frustrated after wasting a great deal on money on fabric that wasn’t fit for the task at hand. There is an array of different options to choose from at some general stores, but the knowledge and expertise of a vinyl specialty store will ensure you get the perfect material for the job.

They Know What’s in Vinyl Style

General fabric stores are great options for interior decorating because that is a large bulk of their customer base. They live and breathe fabric, and they see which looks are hot sellers. However, they lack experience when it comes to vinyl styles due to a lack of interaction with them.

A store that exclusively sells vinyl will be familiar with what is popular and trendy for your project at hand. Whether it’s boating, outdoor patio upholstering, or restaurant booth restoration, vinyl specialists know what’s “in”.

Don’t waste money at retail fabric stores. Get the best bang for your buck by consulting an expert in vinyl fabrics. They will help you decide which fabric will function, look, and last best for your next upholstery endeavor. For additional information or any vinyl fabric needs, contact All Vinyl Fabrics or call 1-877-618-4695 today.

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