Calculate How Much Vinyl You Need To Re-Upholster Your Boat

There are many things to consider when ordering marine vinyl fabric to re-upholster your boat. Choosing the right type of fabric is important so that it lasts for many years instead of just a couple seasons in the harsh outdoor elements.

Making sure you end up with the right amount of vinyl is also important. Ordering too much vinyl fabric will raise the boat reupholstery cost, whereas underestimating the amount you need means stopping in the middle of the project to order more fabric.

Here are some tips on how to calculate how much vinyl you need to reupholster your boat.

Calculating the Amount of Vinyl Fabric for a Project

First, you need measure the length and width of each section you are reupholstering. This gives you a starting point to make a boat cushion, for example. The next step accounts for the depth by measuring the visible depth of the cushion. Measure this and multiply by 2.1 for a cushion yardage calculator.

Then, take that figure and add it to both the length and width of the cushion. This will allow for the extra fabric needed to wrap under and staple to the plywood so that you have a clean finished look.

Determine Roll and Cushion Dimensions Before Ordering Vinyl Fabric

Marine grade vinyl comes on a roll that is 54 inches wide; add that number to your cushion yardage calculator. Most cushions aren’t going to be wider than that. However, you can get creative and run the length of the cushion down the length of the roll for a longer cushion and use scrap to update smaller cushions.

Graph paper and pieces of paper proportionate to the size of fabric from each cushion can be used as a visual aid to see how each cut will optimally come from the roll of vinyl. This will help you determine the length of vinyl needed.

When it comes time to order marine grade vinyl, it’s always good to get 10 to 20 percent more than you need to allow for mistakes and miscalculations.

Preparing to Use Marine Grade Vinyl

Now that you’ve calculated how much vinyl you need to reupholster your boat, the actual cutting of the vinyl requires some preparation. First, the old vinyl has to be carefully removed so as to leave it intact to use as a pattern. This means paying careful attention to removing staples without ripping the fabric.

Once removed, lay the old vinyl over the new vinyl, outlining it in chalk. Using this method will ensure that you get just the right dimensions when the vinyl is cut. It never hurts to add a bit to the dimensions so there is some wiggle room when you reattach the vinyl.

All Vinyl Fabrics supplies marine grade vinyl that is ideal for updating your boat upholstery. We carry many different types of marine vinyl fabric in a variety of colors and styles. Calculate how much vinyl you need to reupholster your boat, and give us a call today to find the perfect vinyl fabric for your project.

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