Ocean Reed 103" Wide

$79.95  Total


per Yard

Beautifully practical and conveniently durable, Infinity’s Affordable Texture Plus flooring is the foundation for a neutral appeal in your interior or exterior setting.

Luxury Woven Vinyl™ passes FMVSS 302. It is rated for heavy commercial traffic (ASTM 5252) with no delamination (ASTM D3936).  It has superior abrasion resistance (ASTM D3884) and chemical resistance (ASTM F925). It has superior fungal resistance with no growth (ASTM G21).

Marine Vinyl Flooring sold by the running yard 3′ long by the width. Example 8 yards of the 103″ line would = 24′ x 103″ piece.

( 1/8″ thick compact cushion foam backing)
( 9 day manufacturing lead time )