Custom Truck Covers and Tarps

We can cover any size rig.
Manufactured with the highest quality fabrics and with the usual high standard craftsmanship from Mauritzon.

Lumber Hauler Tarps:

All vinyl seams are heat sealed, all hems are double lock stitched. D-rings (if used) are heavy, welded style and tack stitched to insure high tension strength. These tarps are available in any of our fine coated vinyl selection, or with a combination of vinyl weights. Standard tarps are 18 oz. vinyl coated fabric. “New” Lightweight Tarp. 10 oz. vinyl tarp, strong yet easier to handle.

Example: Flat layout of standard lumber hauler tarp with rain flaps and tail curtains 1 end (commonly used in pairs), 3 rows of web and dees, bottom spur grommet

Steel Hauler Tarps:

All seams are double lock stitched. D-Rings (if used) are heavy, welded style and tack stitched to insure high tension strength. Select any of the fine vinyl coated fabrics or the 15 oz. water resistant canvas.

Example: Steel hauler tarp with 2 rows of web and dees, bottom grommets.

Accessories Available

  • Rubber Tarp Straps
  • Cargo Restraint Equipment
  • Patch Kits


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Heavy-Duty Vinyl Truck Tarps & Covers
Our collection of heavy-duty vinyl truck tarps is designed to provide strong protection against punctures, rips, wind, oil, grease, and any other hazards. Our truck covers offer long-lasting shields and are equipped with strength and versatility to meet any requirements. Designed specifically for heavy-duty tasks, our vinyl-covered truck tarps are reliable and durable. They can serve as protection and cover for any situation, including shielding truck loads during transportation. Our custom heavy-duty vinyl truck tarps can accommodate any of your needs and withstand all weather conditions and environments. Browse our selection below and don’t hesitate to contact our vinyl experts for help!