Interwoven Cool 74" Wide

$39.95  Total


per Yard

Nautolex marine vinyl flooring has the appearance of outdoor carpeting, but has the
strength and skid resistance needed for marine environments. It can be used on
interior and exterior boat floors, holding up to many years of use.
Nautolex marine vinyl flooring is specifically designed to resist gasoline, oil, alcohol, heat and
harsh weather. Its design eliminates the need for refinishing and is easy to clean. It is also UV, mildew and abrasion resistant.

Marine Vinyl Flooring sold by the running yard 3′ long by the width of the line “72”, 74″ 102″ = 1 yard.

Example 7 yards of the 72″ line would = 21′ x 72″ piece. Example 7 yards of the 102″ line would = 21′ x 102″ piece.